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We are hyper-focused on how to leverage data assets into services that brands, companies, and agencies use to get dramatically higher results.

We are a DaaS company (Data as a Service), which means we don’t just toss a data file or list over the fence to you as a client. Instead, we build collaborations that focus on building custom audiences for our clients. Our data specialists go beyond the tired old model of demographic matching because we love to create data alignment between a client’s brand and a consumer audience that finds the engagement timely and relevant.

Who we work with

Meet the team!

Russell Gentry

CEO / Partner

Travis Robinson

CFO / Partner

Jason Medina

Director of IT

Jennifer Schindler

Corporate Controller

Alexia Villalobos

Executive Assistant

Milo Palacios

Data Specialist

Brian Gluckman

Senior Developer

Ester Alexis

Client Success Specialist

Tyree Beasley

Geospatial analyst

Eric Benitez

Data Specialist

George Berridge

Christina Vozzo

Geospatial analyst

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